Brains or Brawn

Senator Obama got it right. McCain didn’t. Even Governor Palin got it right, for which she will probably spend another week on the leash.

Obama said and both Biden & Palin concurred that if we knew Osama bin Laden, our arch enemy was being sheltered in Pakistan and we knew where, we should go in and get him. Pakistan be damned.

McCain, however says that’s a no-no, Pakistan is a sovereign nation. McCain said don’t go after bin Laden?

Scratching my head, I think, If Osama bin Laden, who is directly responsible for the death of three thousand innocent American citizens and all the NATO & Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan and with Bush’s help, forty some thousand dead and maimed in Iraq and is America’s public enemy number one, is pinpointed in Pakistan where everyone knows he is, why the eff not go get him?

Just who is the real warrior here? Barack Obama? He’s the guy with the brains. Joe Biden? He’s the guy with the experience. Sarah Palin? She’s got moxy. (but not my vote)

Oh, that’s right we have to finish the job Bush started in Eyerack.

October 5, 2008. Tags: , . Democrats, Humor, McCain, Obama, Palin, politics, President, Republicans, Terrorism, Vice Presidency.


  1. Tess MacKall replied:

    Well, Sara Palin can agree all she wants, but sorry, that doesn’t get her my vote either. And yes, we know where he is. Screw Pakistan, go get the bastard and let’s stage our way out of this war!

    BTW, Dee, where is your blog on the VP debates? Did I miss it?

  2. Jeff Mullen replied:

    The title of this blog article was “Brains vs Brawn.” Pardon me, but I don’t know where the brawn is? John McCain is a 72-year-old man, and, though he seems quite clear-headed and in good health, when I think “brawn,” somehow, he just doesn’t appear in that part of my mind.

    Where’s the brawn?

  3. Dee Dawning replied:

    To Jeff,

    You have a point for the usual use of Brawn. However, I was using if as a euphemism for aggressiveness.

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